Saturday, 12 December 2009

kathryn street or kathryne street?

There's a sign on the Metropolitan Ring Road in Melbourne's north, originally posted as KATHRYN STREET but altered by some brave, obstinate or foolhardy soul to say KATHRYNE STREET.

I say 'foolhardy or brave' because it is on a bridge at a busy part of this multi-lane freeway and I can't visualise how the perpetrator got to the sign to insert the small letter 'E' on the end of the sign, or, more importantly, why they wanted to do so.

As I was driving to Melbourne on this road today, near Fawkner, I was determined to get a shot of the sign. I had my passenger all set up with camera at the ready, and here's the photo:

Yes, it's a terrible shot, and we missed the sign altogether, but it was the best we could do in the thundering traffic. So, how did the writer manage to get down to the road and add a letter to the inaccessible and dangerously-situated sign? And why did he or she care about the spelling of this word?

The saga contines...

One of these days I'll get a good photo and post it, and one day I'll find out the answer to this question.


Papillon Bleu said...

The only answer I have is that it was an Alien.
Anyway, try not to do something too dangerous for your next photo OK?

I would like to thank you for your warm words about my little story.
I have achieved to put the video directly on the page now...

Take Care!

parlance said...

An alien? Hmmm... that's a scary possibility, aliens coming down here to mess up our road signs.

Hmmm... wait a minute. I think we've already got plenty of graffiti artists doing that, lol.

theregatha said...

Is it possible that there is a romance behind this act? Did some gallant old lad decide to woo his gal with a shot of bravado after an Irish night out on the town? Or even worse, some fool hardly lad trying to regain his ma's favor after having shamed her with his drunken scraps. Agh, there's an intrigue or two beneath this sign......perhaps even a who dunnit????

parlance said...

theregatha, I'm fascinated by the possibilities behind this sign, and have been for ages. All my researches on the internet haven't turned up a thing.