Friday, 23 October 2009

interstitial art

Now that I've acquired the word interstitial as a part of my vocabulary, it's great to have a chance to use it, so I'll link to a Boing Boing post on interstitial writing.

The post says, 'Interstitial art is found in the interstices of recognized category and genre.' For eight weeks The Interstitial Arts Foundation will be publishing one short story a week.

Hmm... the more times I write this word, the harder it is to spell it, so I won't be surprised if I've got it wrong at least once in this post.


Papillon Bleu said...

Well well well!

I think you have been the first nosy one to refer about the "other blog"!
It is good to have news from you.
I am sorry I haven't been very talkative on your last is sometimes difficult for me to react in English as I would spontaneously do in my own language!
Hope you have a nice weekend ( spellt "week- end" in French even though it is not a French word!).

parlance said...

I thought your other blog was great fun to read.