Saturday, 29 June 2013

Aboriginal words and Flinders Island

Words are powerful. Yesterday, at The Ian Potter Gallery, I looked at a video artwork by Julie Gough. I was so entranced by the words she used that I stood through two viewings of the seventeen minute presentation
The contrast of the words against the idyllic video clips made a strong impression on the viewer. Here are two sets of photos from the display:
********************************************************************************** Other Aboriginal words featured in the artwork - for instance, the words for flour, tobacco, musket, sheep, blanket. (I've posted on my other blog about the word for 'kangaroo dog'.) However, the ones that made the most vivid impression on me were two concepts that must have been new to the indigenous inhabitants - flagellate and hang by rope. What terrible ideas the Europeans brought with them.
I hope you get a chance to see this artwork. It will make an impression on you.


Ben Roberts said...

Dear Parlance:

I'm actually trying to reach you regarding a photo on your "My Dog" blog. I posted a comment there too, but feared that since the site is inactive these days, you might miss it.

Meanwhile, I appreciate your moving description of this piece of art on the experience of aboriginal peoples as they encountered European colonizers. It's certainly relevant to the conversation series I'm designing, which is the reason I'm contacting you. I am hoping that the virtual flyer to promote it might make use of the "raging river" pic from your 2010 visit to Bright.

Ben Roberts

parlance said...

Hi, Ben
That's fine for you to use my photo. Thanks for asking.