Saturday, 13 October 2012

writers' blogs

Because I love words, I have swag of writers' blogs marked in my Google Reader. One of them is having a competition for Halloween. Just by telling the author your favorite horror creature, you might be able to win a copy of this suitably scary anthology. (Here's hoping it was permitted to pinch the image from the blog.)

You need to:
Just leave a comment naming your favourite or most unfavourite, real or made up, living or undead, horror creature. One word will do it, although feel free to wax lyrical on why you like, or despise, your chosen subject. Please, keep it nice though, or you will be deleted. You don't have to come up with a little known subspecies of Mesopotamian werewolf or an obscure Aztec revenant who haunts the world for all eternity. A bog standard comment like 'I rooly trooly heart zombz' will do, even if many others have already written this. You can even be specific and name names if you prefer e.g Dracula. Don't sweat it, just participate, then cross your fingers.

Head on over to Gitte Christensen's blog if you want to try your luck.


Gitte Christensen said...

Wow, thank you very much for the mention, parlance. It's much appreciated.

And anyone who feels like winning a free horror anthology come this Halloween is most welcome to pop over to my blog and sign up. Good luck.

parlance said...

Gitte, I think it's a great competition and a prize worth winning.

Mary said...

Thanks for the link Parlance, I won!! The book hasn't arrived yet but is on its way.

parlance said...

Mary, that's great!

Anonymous said...

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