Saturday, 26 September 2009

detecting or detectoring for an Anglo-Saxon treasure?

I was listening to a report about the amazing discovery of a hoard of Anglo-Saxon metal artifacts, a discovery that will change the way historians view the seventh century. The reporter said the finder was 'doing a spot of metal detect-' and I expected to hear detecting.

But she said detectoring.

My computer dictionary doesn't like this word detectoring and insists on putting a little red dotted line under it. And Google asks me, when I search the word, do I mean detecting?

But I guess the people who go looking for metal know the jargon for their activity, and the Romney Marsh Metal Detecting Club uses the word detectorists to describe their members.

But I notice they are a detecting club.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

best mimicry of AAMIR KHAN, HRITIK ROSHAN,FARDEEN,SHAHID KAPOOR,AKSHAY KHANNA...i saw this and HAD to share with you guys!!!