Sunday, 26 April 2009

I've been perendinating too long

I haven't posted to this blog for more than seven weeks. I've been perendinating

What a great new word - perendinate. I think it has the power to set my life in order. Whenever I don't want to do something, I won't put it off for one day - procrastinate - I'll leave it till the day after. With a bit of luck, the thing won't need doing by then and I can forget it altogether.

I received this useful verb in my daily mail from A Word A Day.

And while I was checking my spelling of it, I also found this interesting word site.


Mark Lawrence said...

I shan't, however, perendinate checking up on your blog now that you're back updating it. Nice to see the words are whirling around once again here. Thanks for that beauty.

Any chance we'll see any word-related photographs here?

parlance said...

Nice to hear from you. Mark. I'll have to keep up my photography skills with a few pictures.

Hackpacker said...

Yes, great to see you're back on board at this blog, too. Any chance of adding the Follower widget so I can catch up with you from Dashboard?

parlance said...

The Follower widget. Okay, I have to find that. I'm off to investigate.
Thanks, Hackpacker