Monday, 19 January 2009

sometimes a comma can make your hankies stay dirty

A full-stop instead of a comma would have made it clear. The care instructions on the reverse of the packet of beautiful Liberty fabric handkerchiefs said, 'DO NOT BLEACH, WARM MACHINE OR HAND WASH, SHORT SPIN, WARM IRON'.
Hmm. If you can't bleach them, fine. But how will I keep them clean if I can't machine or hand wash?


Anonymous said...

Please, can you tell me where you found the hankies? I would risk a delicate machine washing myself for some.

parlance said...

Dawn Thornton Lingerie in Ivanhoe had them at Christmas time, and there is a shop in Kew also. The Ivanhoe phone number is 9499 7449.

They wsh well in the machine - I've had some for years that just get softer and softer.

Wow! Someone actually reads this blog!

Mark Lawrence said...

Are they cotton? They look gorgeous.

parlance said...

Mark, they are a beautiful quality of cotton.

Hackpacker said...

Parlance, the serial comma is a noxious thing. I think it may also be called the Oxford comma which has recently been immortalised in a song by a band called Vampire Weekend. It has a strong language warning but isn't it nice that the young people are singing about the punctuation? I expect similar songs about the semi-colon so that it will survive.

parlance said...

Hackpacker, I'd better educate myself and listen to the song. I'll learn a bit about commas and also find out what music the younger generations enjoy. How's that for a win-win?